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Old Starcraft for dedicated fishing boat

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  • Old Starcraft for dedicated fishing boat

    I'm looking for a fishing boat. I just sold a 14' boat that was to small. I used it with my two sons, but felt we could use some more room. We only fished smaller lakes although we did go to Houghton lake once.

    I am looking at a 1970's Starcraft offshore. Seems like a decent cheap boat. If I added a trolling motor and fish finder I think it might be a solid little boat.

    Does anyone know anything about these boats? Is it reasonable to try and make this boat into a dedicated fishing boat? Would is do good in both small lakes and maybe even Saginaw bay?

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    You have come to the best place on the 'net to learn about Starcraft boats!

    What size is the Offshore? Inboard or outboard? If you post a few more times, you can upload pix so that we can check it out.

    Here's the Starcraft forum on iboats. Lots of great info there!


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      Got any details on the boat you're lookin at? Condition for boats that age is key, but you may be looking at a great platform for a fishin boat


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        Here is the discription...

        18' StarCraft Aluminum open bow with Mercury 1983 85 hp outboard good even cyl pressure! Motor professionally completely rewired and new electronics, new water pump,extra lower end goes with her. Boat completely stripped inside, new floor, flotation under floor, carpet, seats plus pedistal up front. Brand new Bimini top,trailerable cover and battery. Transom rhino lined to prevent oxidation and draw heat to prevent transom root. Yacht club trailer. Fish or ski/tub anywhere. This is the 26th boat I have restored and sold in 25 years and the last. Never had a unhappy buyer or return.


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          Looks nice from the pics.


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            Nice looking from 3 small pics. The question is what are they asking for her? As far as your question on what water she will handle it all depends on the weather conditions on any given day. I don't know the bodies of water you speak of. As far as making it a fishing boat, it already is, it's a 18' StarCraft for goodness sakes. You don't add just a fishfinder you add a colour GPS/combo. Like many electronic products they get better, bigger screens and they get less expensive every year.
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              Make and model are great for your needs. I don't know if this boat is based on limited info. I'm on my 2nd Superport ( basically an offshore) mine just got bigger. Great boats and a great place to learn about them right here
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                that's a great Hull! Heavier gauge Al for handling bigger water than your run-of-the-mill SuperSport. It may have a bit more freeboard as well although don't quote me on that one.

                He's "restored 26 boats"... wonder if he's an iboats member? We're not huge fans of truckbed liner.
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                  I use my 160ss on the largest freshwater lake in the world.On any large body of water pick your days,there will be some where its just plain common sense to just go home and don't even try.