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  • Mullet

    Any mullet fishing tips or tips for rigging?

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    ....just tell them leave it long in back.....

    sorry, couldnt resist.

    in all fairness, mullet bite on chicken feed and oatmeal. you can use a simple hook. I use ice fishing spoons with a bait ball of corn meal and oat meal with a bit of water. sometimes a few pieces of corn. they are often caught under the piers of most marinas as well as seawalls
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      I've never seen anybody fish for mullet with anything but a cast net. I have heard of people catching them on occasion with flies or small jigs while fishing for something else. This is just in N. Florida, do people generally fish them with hook and line other places?


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        You bet they do,I have fished for mullet in various places all over the world in harbours and estuaries.They are very fussy feeders and you can spend hours with them totally ignoring your bait,or they can suddenly go crazy and take whatever you throw at them,there's just no way to know when.Depending on where you are the best baits are bread or soft past,small harbour ragworms,cheese,tiny bits of shrimp or any number of other things as long as its small and soft.Hook sizes 6 to ten depending on bait of course,they have fairly small mouths. they can be found just about everywhere in the world between lattitudes 50 north and south.Oh, and they taste really good as long as they are caught somewhere reasonably clean.