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Caught my biggest walleye!

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  • Caught my biggest walleye!

    Went out a few weeks ago trolling cranks here in North Dakota, Landed my biggest walleye to this day. Hopefully ill be crushing this again soon!

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    Nice fish. That stuff really works, eh? Is it good for all types of fish?


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      Congrats ccaver80. I haven't been fishing so long I was trying to figure out what a fish looked like. Yours is NICE! I haven't ever fished for such species, not living up that way, but it looks like a lot of heart bounding fun!
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        Nice catch. Never used liquid attractants though. Maybe I'll give it a try.


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          Nice fish! They are so tasty - did you eat it?


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            Yea we did eat the fish! made a meal for 4 people dang near!

            I love my Liquid Mayhem they use real ingredients, I was using garlic walleye scent which is made with real minnows! for bass they use crawfish and have shad scents as well.

            Some people don't believe in scent but I think id rather have it on just in case, I always wonder what if.. back when I wasn't using scents if I would have been able to put 1 or 2 more in the boat....


            I bought the "Moments of Mayhem" package


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              This wouldn't be marketing of the stuff would it? Regardless a beautiful fish and an attaboy. I have seen it but never tried it. I do like that it lasts more than a few hundred yards unlike most others.
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                brilliant video I love how you put it together and very nice catch


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