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Got a couple nice deals.

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  • Got a couple nice deals.

    Just as the title says I came across a couple good deals. The first being my new Lews.Its the lfs speed spool model msrp is 99. Ii got it for 80. Next is the rod I was at Academy sports and found a tp1 7' med/heavy for 60 bucks when the original msrp is 99. Now I'm a big fan of Shimano but for a 100 buck reel this reel is awesome or atleast it has been so far.I'm thinking its going to be my jig/soft plastics rig.
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    A lot of fishing, and hunting for that matter, is having confidence in your equipment. So if you like what you are using, the chances of catching fish simply goes up. And that is because you like and have confidence in the equipment and you will fish it more intensely. I am sure there are no proven statistics for that, but it makes a lot of sense. If you ever think there are no fish in the area or any game coming by your stand, you might as well go home. That part is proven.
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