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90 TLR carb kit install problems

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  • 90 TLR carb kit install problems

    I recently cleaned and "kitted" all 3 carbs w/no notable difficulties.
    When I started it up, it idled very nice for about 15 seconds and then started sputtering. I noticed fuel dribbling out of the larger of two holes on top of the carbs. Did I miss something getting plugged inside?

    FYI, I just ordered the OEM service manual. Should be here by the end of this week.

    Hope to hear from somebody soon.


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    Re: 90 TLR carb kit install problems

    Sounds like you have a stuck float, a miss adjusted float, or trash in the seat not letting needle seat propperly.
    Fuel should not run out of vents


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      Re: 90 TLR carb kit install problems

      OK. I'll go thru them again to see what I missed.
      Will keep you posted.


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        Re: 90 TLR carb kit install problems

        Went back thru the carb kits and discovered a tiny little rubber stopper. Installs on the bottom end of the main needle valve and maintains the proper adjustment for valve seating. Started right up w/no observable problems.
        Now, I've gotta put new seals in the lower unit.