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1992 suzuki dt25 lower unit?

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  • 1992 suzuki dt25 lower unit?

    hey all, I was wondering how hard it is to drop the lower unint to get to my impeller on this unit. The reason is i think i have a piece of rubber or something in it somewhere cuz she only pisses good when i take a air hose to it then the next time i take it out it cloges up again or just dose not have a good stream coming out. could somone walk me through the steps or should i just buy a service manual?

    thanks again

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    Re: 1992 suzuki dt25 lower unit?

    dropping the lower unit on this engine is an easy job if you ever taken off a lower unit before.

    But before you goahead and do this, have you poked a piece of wire up the tell tale hole to see if anything is clogged in there ?

    I ask this because i have similar problems, the original tell tale hole had a very small piece of plastic tube in the hole.
    This seems to have dislogded itself and often causes the tell tale to disfunction (not show a water stream)
    I have since found out that without taking off the powerhead !!!! i cannot get to the place thats blocked.

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