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Yamaha Oil Alarm wiring

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  • Yamaha Oil Alarm wiring

    While still trying to figure out my tach wiring (please help by looking at my other post), I stumbled across a harness that was unplugged. The harness with the green & green/red wires coming off of the top of the oil tank was unplugged on the starboard side of the motor.

    Since owning the motor I have always had ONLY the yellow light (three light oil indicator on the front of the motor) when i plug the harness in I get the green light (oil level is full) but the alarm is sounding. Unplug the harness and the the alarm shuts off.

    Removed the oil sending unit from the oil tank. Excercised the float and up gives a green signal down gives red. The whole time the alarm was sounding though.

    Even though the motor runs great with the harness unplugged, id like to have all systems working on the motor.

    Thanks for any input you may have.