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How much play when spinning prop shaft?

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  • How much play when spinning prop shaft?

    Hey guys - i have my lower leg apart as i wanted to inspect the gears and dog clutch.. however i CANNOT get the bearing carrier out as it is completely stuck.. i have broken two tools attempting. I decided to drain the oil and it seems okay so i figured i'd leave it alone for now.

    I did notice that when in gear i can spin the prop shaft about an 1/8 of an inch before it actually engages the gear and spins the main shaft going to the engine. Basically i can wiggle the shaft spinning it back and for and here it clinking against the forward gear.

    Is this normal?? thanks!

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    A 2 HP motor or a 300 HP " belch fire " special ?------A model # perhaps.


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      whoops sorry its a 2002 yamaha 15hp 2 stroke


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        Normal.----But why do you want to take it apart ?----What did the oil look like ?-------Salt water motor ?


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          salt water motor - oil looked okay just old but no metal.

          I was experiencing issues under load (with lots of passengers) where it almost felt like the prop was slipping (it would sound like RPMs rose and we went slower - it also seemed underpowered compared to the year before).. i was thinking maybe the clutch dog is worn.

          I am currently rebuilding the powerhead completely so thought i'd go over everything.. but it has proven impossible to remove.


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            Could very well be the hub in the prop slipping.


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              If the oil was found clean but darkened or smelly, with no metal shavings at all you went ahead to make a deep inpection that was not required at all. If the motor loses speed while the rpm rises when boating with higher loads check the prop. Perform a prop hub/slip test, will know if It's already spun or on its way to become so. If so, proper time to order a new one..

              If will be boating with higher loads or passengers on a constant basis install one less pitch from the current one if happens to be the prop that came factory delivered with said motor. Will push/plane the combo faster than with the current one.

              Happy Boating

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