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9.9 driveshaft swap

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  • 9.9 driveshaft swap

    so, i have a 2010 yamaha F9.9FMLH 4 stroke longshaft in need of a lower unit. A new one is about 800 bucks. I found a good used one on ebay but it is a short shaft lower unit. Question is do I need to remove the prop shaft carrier in order to acess any kind of clip securing the driveshaft to the pinion gear? I ask because the lower unit I have allows the driveshaft to be pulled out (after removing impeller) without undoing anything in the lower unit . Now, I bought 3 of these outboards from a rental company that all need lower units. The rest of the outboards are fine. I noticed on the lower unit I have that the two bolts that hold the bearing carrier for the prop shaft have been removed (threaded holes are fine). So. I don't know if someone was in there and removed the clip (if there is one) to allow the driveshaft to come out. The driveshaft seems to mesh fine with the pinion gear when lowered down into the gear housing and the unit shifts fine. the shaft rotate fine (prop and driveshaft). So, do I just run it this way or am I at risk of something coming apart when being used? How important is it to retain the lower end of the driveshaft to whatever it slips into? And, should I anticipate the driveshaft not slipping out of the short shaft lower unit I am looking at on ebay. I know it is near impossible to remove the bearing carrier for the prop shaft especially if it was used in salt (otherwise I would just do it the correct way). Hope all of this made sense. thanks.

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    link to my lower unit https://www.crowleymarine.com/yp/GP7...mlh-2010-9-9hp

    just for clarification the parts I am talking about are item 37, 39, 40
    what is the risk of not using item 37? I would pull my bearing retainer to see if that clip is loose in the lower unit somewhere but the prop shaft carrier is stuck


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      Sorry little more info. my DRIVESHAFT after pulling it out of the lower unit. There is a thin metal clip in the upper groove of the lower part of the SHAFT and a groove with no clip in it at the bottom most part.


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          Looks like that is where #37 goes.


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            Is there a part of iboats that sells used lower units or does anybody have a source for one I actually would like to buy three of them or somewhere I can send the three of mine to be rebuilt


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              here is a metod how to remove baring carier fro L.U

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