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1999 Suzuki DT25C intermittent power loss

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  • 1999 Suzuki DT25C intermittent power loss

    New to the forum and am hoping to get your thoughts as to what may be causing my issue.

    I have a 99 Suzuki DT25c that has been rock solid for years. It now experiences intermittent power loss. I can be running down the lake and the motor loses power. It feels similar to the rev limiter kicking in, but that does not appear to be the issue as I can drop down to idle and still have the problem I when try to get to get back to full power. I have hit the rev limiter several times over the year and know what that is.

    The problem will eventually clear. I can either turn the motor off and let it sit for awhile or just keep driving the boat at this reduce power and it will eventually clear (full power just comes back). There is no alarm lamp or buzzer when this happens.

    We have changed the fuel pump, fuel lines, cleaned the bowls, checked the coils, changed the spark plugs and wires.

    Running out of ideas. The problem is very intermittent - once every 1-2 engine runtime hours. It has also been going on for more than two years. It has me and my buddies stumped (we all have DT25Cs as we fish 25 hp power plant lakes).

    If anyone has any suggestions, I truly appreciate your guidance.

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    Power loss like engine quickly shuts off/on?

    Remove flywheel and meticulously check ignition component wiring/connections for rubbing/chafing/grounding, etc.

    Also check out stop switch and circuit for same.