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volvo heat exchanger

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  • volvo heat exchanger

    i have a 1985 bayliner 4cyl volvo engine with volvo penta i/o. Can anyone please tell me how does a heat exchanger work? Like give me a website, or an article about heat exchangers. When i turn on the ignition for a while it over heats, but its not on the water its in front of my house. Is this why it overheats? Im wondering its overheating because it is not running in the water? thats why i want to learn more about heat exchangers? My dad is a mechanic, and he wants to know how the cooling system works, so he can fix it. Any websites or articles would definity help. thx

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    Re: volvo heat exchanger

    Do you know how a radiator in a car works? Its very similar to that except its a water to water exchange instead of an air to water.

    Do you have muff's hooked up to the outdrive when you are running the engine at your house? If you do not then yes, this is why it is over heating. The water from the lake cools the engine. The water from the lake passes through the exhanger and cools the coolant thats running through the block.
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      Re: volvo heat exchanger

      thanx alot jeepster...thats what i needed. i didnt had the water running thru the muffs, thats why it overheated...thankyou!!!!


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        Re: volvo heat exchanger

        It goes the same for the ocean too right?


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          Re: volvo heat exchanger

          You'll need a new impeller if you've been running without muffs. You need to have the muffs on at all times when running!!!

          The impeller is up front in the small round brass housing. You can get the impeller here on Iboats or at a local dealer or even an aftermarket impeller from Napa. You need to know the engine model number. If you know the engine model AQ125 or aq131 or ..., you can download manuals.
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            Re: volvo heat exchanger

            Originally posted by layzeeboi View Post
            It goes the same for the ocean too right?
            Yes, ocean, lake, river, whatever the boat is setting in. aka Raw Water

            Along with burning up the impeller when running with no raw water to the engine (muffs), you may have burned the inside of the big hoses that hooks the exhaust manifold to the exhuast pipe. The water keeps them from burning. When you replace the impeller, you will need to find all the broken blades of the impeller.
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              Re: volvo heat exchanger

              Here are some pics of an '83's impeller housing, for reference. AQ125A. Yours will be similar
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                Re: volvo heat exchanger

                If you go back to the beginning of this section you'll see an "Adults Only" thread and an "Information for DIYer's" section. Look through those to find a manual for your engine. The manuals aren't tutorials but will go a long way toward getting a better idea of how things work.
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