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Volvo / Sherwood impeller kit... HELP

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  • Volvo / Sherwood impeller kit... HELP

    Hello all: I have a sheerwood sea water pump I want to replace the impeller and gaskets in but am having a hell of a time finding the kit for the specific pump. I can find impeller but not kit.

    I have went to volvo site with no luck. I keep getting kits that the gaskets are not even close to.

    Through extensive research I believe this is a Sherwood G9901 pump as it has the 6 1/2 pully as shown in this link.

    I have uploaded a picture of the pump pulled apart

    Anybody have a kit # for this pump? I do not care who the manufacturer is I just want the proper kit.

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Volvo / Sherwood impeller kit... HELP

    If no luck in the Iboats store try Ebasicpower on the web, pretty sure they have one..

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      Re: Volvo / Sherwood impeller kit... HELP

      What is the FULL model number of your engine?
      Don S.

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        Re: Volvo / Sherwood impeller kit... HELP

        Hi Don: The complete model number is 5.7 GL PMDA

        I ended up finding the kit from Sherwood. It is the 9959K. The corresponding volvo / aftermarket kits did not contain the o-ring or the proper gaskets in their kits. For example the Sierra 18-3046 kit.

        I found the prints for the pump


        And also the kit specs and got the machinist ruler out and match everything up to be sure.

        Also happened to find a Sherwood G9001 new pump in my searching for only $101.

        Don would you know the tourque setting for the manifold and riser bolts on the 5.7 GL? I suck up sand and had to pull to clean them out.

        As always Don, your help is greatly appreciated.