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Volvo Penta 5.7 GI 2009 Alarm

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  • Volvo Penta 5.7 GI 2009 Alarm

    Regal 3360 volvo penta 5.7 2009 alarm sounds as soon as the engine starts and repeats every 60 seconds. Oil and water temp normal. No restrictions in power at any throttle setting. Any ideas for repair?

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    you need to get a scan tool to see what the code is. Anything short of this all you will be doing is throwing parts to it
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      Agree with above...but prime candidate would be iac


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        I put the computer scanner on the engine and no code with the key on engine not running. Once the engine is on in idle, I am getting the following message "SPN 710 FM:4 Auxiliary I/O voltage low below normal or shorted 13 occurrences" The beep still goes off every 60 seconds as previously reported. Any ideas


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          Sorry, I left out the number 10 after the word Auxiliary. The message on the Rinda Scanner using adapter 94027 was: Line one - "SPN 710 FM:4" line two moving message "Auxiliary I/O 10 voltage low below normal".


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            The engine serial number is?
            Good Luck Muc


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              Data Plate information 5.7GI-J 3869403 4012253554

              Thank you


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                Thank you for the serial number, it makes looking this stuff up so much easier.

                Very interesting code. It refers to a problem with the drive lube monitoring system on an OceanX drive.
                But it appears from the records I can access that your Regal didn't come with the OceanX upgrade.

                Do you have OceanX drives on your boat?
                Or has somebody installed your computer on a engine that has a OceanX drive?
                Good Luck Muc


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                  @ Muc. Thanks for the lead about OceanX drive. I have owned the from 63 hours. The shop records from the previous owner did not show any drive or engine computer work. I watched a video on the OceanX system https://vimeo.com/234702395. The water in the drive alarm is only on below 1000 rpm, my alarm is on at all RPM's. The alarm code is only present while the engine is on and is not present in the code history. I also don't remember seeing the water sensor on my drive.

                  Thank you,


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                    Couple of questions.
                    Is the scan tool software updated enough for your ECM and is the adapter the correct one for your engine? A call to Rinda might be needed.
                    The reason I ask is that the code your getting shouldn't come up on a engine that doesn't have the OceanX drive sensors connected to the ECM. The software is installed to your ECM but shouldn't be active until the ECM detects voltage from the sensors. It appears that it is now active and you will get a horn at all RPMs because a fault is now detected.

                    I'll ask again, is it possible that this ECM has been installed on a engine with an OceanX drive?
                    Good Luck Muc


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                      mau I have had the boat since 2014 at 63 hours. The boat now has about 614 hours. I have never had any ECM problems or had someone do an update on the ECM. The scanner was rented from a local boat parts house and I don't know the complete scanner status. However, the scanner hours did match my console engine hours. It also gave me the correct previous engine codes such as engine hot.

                      In addition, I disconnected the following items one by one and the beep never stopped: TPS, IAC, and thermostat. The engine just shut down when I disconnected the Map sensor.

                      Currently, I am having a mechanic come out with his scanner to read the engine code. I will post his results later today.

                      Thank you for your reply.

                      Regal 3360 5.7 GI-J 2009


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                        The marine technician put very new tech mate scanner on the engine. His scanner showed the exact same code that I received on the rented scanner,

                        Line one - "SPN 710 FM:4" line two moving message "Auxiliary I/O 10 voltage low below normal".

                        I am guessing now that maybe a bad ECU, wiring, or this is a valid code.


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                          What did the tech recommend as the next step in diagnosis of this problem?
                          Good Luck Muc


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                            muc The tech wanted to do some research and said he would call me. I contacted Volvo Penta Tech Support this morning and they emailed me a page for the SPN 710 code (see attached). Based on the document, I swapped IAC between engines and the problem was still there. I also inspected the F6 fuse and it was good.

                            For kicks, I slaved in the good engine ECU (port) onto the engine that was beeping (Starboard). I ran the engine for ten minutes and the beep never alarmed. I then put the bad engine ECU onto the good engine and again the beep alarm never went off. Once I put the original ECU's back in the original position the beep can back.

                            Should I send the ECU out?

                            I also plan to pull the boat out of the water and check the outdrive oil for water. I still don't believe I have an ocean drive with sensors.

                            Any suggestions.
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                              First, you need to determine if you have drive lube monitors installed. The answer to that question will change the troubleshooting.
                              Do you have closed cooling (antifreeze)? The OceanX package includes it. And these things are sometimes installed at the dealer as part of the sales agreement.

                              Assuming that you don’t have OceanX.

                              Next I would try to find out if drive lube quality monitoring is active or inactive in either of your ECMs.this is done with a scan tool. I’m not sure if a Techmate will read this. I do know that Vodia and Diacom will.

                              It is unusual that the warning horn quits when you swapped ECMs. To be honest I don’t know what to think about that.

                              My next step would be to pull the wire out of pin #8 on the ECM to test it for voltage.

                              Also be aware that you might not have the drive lube module that is shown on the service manual page. This module was added to this system when Volvo determined that aftermarket gear oil could trigger the horn. The module basically doubles the voltage difference that is required to set off the warning horn. There is a service bulletin on adding this to the early OceanX models that had issues.

                              Good Luck Muc