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V-P 5.0 GXiB Belt Tensioner Issue

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  • V-P 5.0 GXiB Belt Tensioner Issue

    To release pressure on the serpentine belt for removal, I used a 3/8” ratchet in the square hole on the belt tensioner that’s designed to facilitate rotating the tensioner for belt removal. During that process, the metal flange in which the square hole is stamped broke before I could get the belt removed. Since I could no longer use the ratchet to rotate the belt tensioner, I pushed down on the top of the belt tensioner to relieve the pressure on the belt and was able to remove it.

    It appears the only damage done was the broken metal surrounding the square hole. This is my first time removing a serpentine belt. What is the best way to raise the belt tensioner when I want to reinstall the serpentine belt? If I have to replace the belt tensioner assembly, is there any exotic to that?

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    That is unusual for it to break, and the install/removal just uses the square drive hole. I would do it the same way with the new tensioner

    The tensioner only moves so far, so once it stops moving don't move any further, and just install/remove the belt
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