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Sea Sprite 2150 - 5L Gxi - DuoProp

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  • Sea Sprite 2150 - 5L Gxi - DuoProp

    Hello all! First time user here, always find useful info on here so I figured I'd reach out for some insight.
    I've decided to get back into boating and found a boat that looks to be in good shape but needs some work. The VP 5L has less than 200 hours and the interior/exterior are in great shape for 2003.
    However, the duoprop drive needs repair. The owner bought it from the original owner with plans to fix it. He says he just doesn't have the time and has another boat that he uses. He stated that the drive was previously sent to a shop in Florida for the same issue. I guess while the original owner was out on the water the boat died due to the outdrive locking up. He doesn't know specifically what was fixed originally but it had cost $1500 to get it back up to snuff. Owner gets the boat back on the water and the same thing happens. The engine will not turn over due to the outdrive being locked up.
    He's asking $7500 for the boat in it's current condition. My question is would it be worth that? And what would be few possible causes to the outdrive locking up? He said the oil isn't milky and there's no signs of impact to the unit.
    I appreciate any help!

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    The only way anyone should ever buy a boat is to know exactly what's good and bad with it, you do n ot know this info. I could be a locked drive, a locked motor or both. Sounds like you also don't know how to figure out what is wrong.

    My first suggestion is walk away

    If you really want to go further, then find a marine surveyor with a good reputation and pay them to look the boat over. It will be money well spent even if you don't buy it later

    That said, a motor/drive that is locked up I would offer 3500 figuring it will need a new motor and drive, but that is me doing the work. If your going to pay someone to do it, then I would offer 1500
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      I think that's too high for a boat that you can't test the engine too. Four years ago I paid $3200 for 04 Sea Ray 200 bowrider with a known cracked engine block. Had 37 hours and was immaculate otherwise. I'd figure if the boat was sitting the trailer brakes are roached too.

      Seller makes it it sound like a no big deal repair, if it were so cheap and easy seller would have done it already. You have to come out ahead rather than just even vs buying a working boat for assuming the risk of getting it back together


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        I appreciate the feedback. I was planning to offer $4,000 but didn't want it to seem like I'm lowballing him so glad to hear you guys were close to that. I've done the usual stuff like gimbal bearing, bellows, etc but have never tried replacing gears and such so if he's willing to come down quite a bit on price it may work out and be a learning experience. I did think it was odd that he wouldn't just do the work then sell it if it was an easy fix. I'll update the post if I bring it home.


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          How you know the outdrive is locked up ? Would take serious issue for that to happen on a VP DP. Even with water in the gear oil (common thing) they rarely lock up unless it’s had serious neglect. That being true. It’s a serious cost to put it right. I’ve always said that for the price of fixing a VP DP...you could buy a brand new merc alpha.


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            Hello all, I am the owner of the boat. The Outdrive has been fixed and now works great. The problem was the upper bearing in the outdrive seized up due to low oil. The previous mechanic did not fill the outdrive properly with new oil. Bearings and races were replaced by certified mechanic. Total cost for repair was just under $1700.