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2004 Volvo Penta 4.3 gxi power steeering pump swap from port too starboard

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  • 2004 Volvo Penta 4.3 gxi power steeering pump swap from port too starboard

    Recent months steering locks , Requiring pressure too free , Once freed PS smooth ,
    Various positions More noticeable when turned too end either direction

    Last season PS actuator was replaced due too a severe cylinder leak of PS fluids

    Son saying Dad could be Cable from wheel ??? Could be , , How do I test , remove from were its connected in engine room ??

    Leaning towards PS pump since at times I had too top off
    Don't know why pump reservoir was loosing little amounts of fluid now has remained full , Steering still locks

    2 Volvo Penta 4.3 GXI ,

    Marina offers no service , This sounds crazy I am in a big fishing area , FL , nobody wants too work on gas engines , most have Diesels or OB ,
    I can trailer inland Volvo Penta dealer, boat is 31 ft , ( not fun ) 75 miles each way , easily $ 1500 bucks ,( not eager )

    I try too do my own work when possible but find working in this engine room challenging
    Too Fat , too old , cant get around and every time I work in that engine room my arms bleed

    Don't want too throw parts

    Starboard must be running for PS too work ,

    Port engine PS pump filled with fluid but does it operate just as a pulley , oil ends capped or oil hoses , were do they go

    What is the oil lines routing from both pumps

    I was considering swapping PS pumps , better yet is it possible too swap lines too reverse not having too swap pumps

    I boat NO WAKE and run one engine Impossible too turn wheel when no PS . One time could not start starboard coming in on one engine with no PS , Needed aide of folks on dock , Current moving me and could not turn wheel

    . Wondering ????? is it possible too hook up each engine so PS works on one actuator ?

    thank you


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    Last season PS actuator was replaced

    could be Cable from wheel ??? Could be , , How do I test
    Remove the cable from the actuator, then turn wheel both directions to see if there is any roughness in the cable and gear

    As you say the PS unit is run from the port motor. The starboard has the same pump but just has a hose connected to both IN and OUT so the fluid just pumps in a loop. You can run the hoses from the starboard motor to the actuator, or swap the pumps. The pump not being used needs to have fluid in it and needs a hose loop
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      Will be back at boat next few days
      I have extra PS pump hoses , hoping I can make it longer too reach other pump if it works I solved this problem
      Yes the other pump has fluid , I was not aware it goes in a loop , Never got under low enough too view anything
      Thank you for getting back


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        just swap the pumps from one motor to the other.... no new hoses needed.

        if your loosing fluid, you have a leak. if its not in the bilge, its leaking into the water from your PS cooler. check your lines and actuator, have your PS cooler pressure tested.

        start with the test that AD suggested. you may find its the helm or cable

        no its not possible to hook up two pumps.... one would suck the other dry

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          Sign up today
          , let me explain what I am up against
          I am based in Space Coast FL
          Marina ( remain nameless ) offers no MECHANICAL ,
          A list of approved vendors , painting, a/c , electrical , engine & related , allowed too work on their property ,
          Approved means, vendor must carrying workman's insurance , a legit company , NO SHADE TREE ,
          Vendor must sign in at marina office ,pay $ 75.00 daily fee, , passed on too customer receive daily badge

          On this list of approved repair , Not one does gas , only diesel & OB
          If I need service I cant preform sometimes I can sneak in a guy saying he is my friend helping me , I must be there
          If I need more involved I load boat onto my trailer , marina charges for this , truck inland.
          I trailer when I must but a 31 , 9,6 beam 9 thousand lbs boat stinks especially in traffic

          FL tons of repair , they don't want too deal with the marinas rules & regulations
          Last season needed engine rebuilds , Trucking boat too two Volvo Penta dealers , NOBODY wanted too deal with rebuilding , Pushing crate engines ,
          Had too trailer 130 mils ST PETE too a engine rebuilder , waiting months
          I have a PU truck and could have trucked engines too rebuilder. Marina would haul engines , I was not pulling engines , could not find a mobile guy willing too pull engines , ;then cross my fingers getting him back too install , engine rebuilder
          hauled out, rebuilt , installed , Worked out good ,
          Lots of commercial fisherman and repair guys want turn & burn moving on too next profitable job