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3.0 GLPA w/ holley marine avenger 2bbl

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  • 3.0 GLPA w/ holley marine avenger 2bbl

    Sent my boat to a shop that tried unsuccessfully rebuilding the OEM Holley after they swapped my engine and they threw this on. The boat is a slug, takes forever to get on plane and have to ease the throttle into it to get there. Was going to check float level and all that but while spec checking the OEM vs the Avenger OEM supposedly had 71 jets and avenger has 78s, was wondering if this could be a major part of my problem as the boat seems to run rich.

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    A holley carb is as simple as you can get for a carb to rebuild. How did they mess up?

    Also, you are correct, if your too rich, it will be a dog

    Did you go to a reputable dealer for the service, or a back-yard repair place with a cardboard sign?

    If you took it to a reputable place, take it back and have them make it right
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      2XS on what S D says. Try to get the original one back from them, take it to an “old school” guy AKA a GEEZER who can rebuild it for you with the correct Holley marine kit and bolt it back on to your engine. It sounds like they used a auto version carburetor. Good luck
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        Thought i took it to a reputable dealer until they played games w/ price, claimed i needed new 14" flywheel when one comes w/ motor, needed a new raw water pump because you cant rebuild them, new gimbel bearing that was screaming but grease tube not hooked up, broke idler pulley @ spot for the breaker bar, suppesedly carb was not salvageable and they gave me a supposed new carb that is different then i had now i have pn 3854086, checked invoices and said reman carb 400 for this pitted out "reman" at their cost, i got fooled by a nice rattle can job. After they padded the bill and had me pissed i asked for a bottom line price that would get me and my family on the water safely, he said he cant give that because they didnt do bilge pump and blower so cant comment on their reliability, go to check everything and my almost new bilge pump was dead, saw wire not connected and they cut into OEM harness agaist the OEM waterproof clip connector (could see the V on both sides of the wire so was done with cutters.)

        long story short I have holley carb w/ volvo pn 3854086, got ripped off, just want my boat fixed and talking to a few people to see how to rectify everything by trying to either burn them w/ bad publicity and call their suppliers to try getting their certs pulled for VP, Yamaha, Merc or to file complaint with state and see about civil action.


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          Some 3 liter engines used a 350 cfm Holley and it did have 63 for main jets, other 3 liters used a 500cfm Holley and they did use 71 or 75 for the main jets. So, your issues might be other than the carb. However, get the original carb back, even if it takes threats of Legal action or complaints to BBB, and/or any Consumer Protection office in the local and or State/Provincial governments


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            They are a lot of variations of the basic Holley carb and if they are mixing and matching it will not always turn out well. I'd get the original back if you can, if not then see if you can look up the specs and see if the one you have has the correct jets and power valve for your application. See if you can get V/Ps specs for what was OEM to this engine #.
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