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Which style exhaust manifold is best?

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  • Which style exhaust manifold is best?

    It appears that there are two types or replacement manifolds that will fit my application. One has a tube where the water enters below each opening, and the other has the water running right into the side of the main body of the manifold. My question simply is, GENERALLY SPEAKING what's the real reason for the difference, and is one version better than the other?

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    Since your not running a high hp motor IMO either will work. The one which enters below each may may have a bit more even cooling, but that said it deals with water flow. If its easier to flow to the first opening then the last, most the water will flow to the first, and so on down the line.

    The one that enters at the one end will also work, because cool water will always keep things close to the same temp. The variation will not be that much
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      Thanks, Quite honestly, that was my concern as well. I was wondering just how much cool water was actually making it to the end of end of the tube, especially as it gets older and more rusted/corroded.