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Odd noise during and delay to engage gear

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  • Odd noise during and delay to engage gear

    i have a monterey 238 with a 2014 Volvo Penta 5.7 gxi and and dual prop drive. For the last few days whenever i shift from neutral to forward, there is a delay in gear engagement, during which there is an odd clacking sound as if discs are trying to get together. Shifting from neutral to reverse is normal.

    Please check the video below and thanks

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    Plz help


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      I have a similar problem. Did you get it solved?


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        read the manual and adjust your shift mechanism and check oil level.
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          Like the other Volvo drive question, I'd get that boat to a mechanic, most you can do on your own is to check the shift linkage adjustment to make sure its going all the way into forward. I'd also check for metal chunks in the gear oil (remove bottom drain plug look for small chunks stuck to the magnetic plug). The woman is telling him to back up in French I think....
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            Sounds like your cable needs adjusted.
            Other reason there is a delay is cone clutch slipping but it wouldn’t clatter like that.
            Either way. Check the oil ASAP.