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Replacing Volvo Penta high low fuel pump with new or aftermarket fuel delivery system

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  • Replacing Volvo Penta high low fuel pump with new or aftermarket fuel delivery system

    I have a 1996 5.7 Volvo Penta. It has a low pressure fuel pump on the front of the engine and a high pressure pump above a fuel reservoir on the back of the engine. The reservoir has been destroyed by ethanol and is no longer available. I have to remove the old system and replace it with something. I would like to use the newer one piece high/low/reservoir system on the newer 1999-2000 engines part number 3861355. I have found no information on how to retro fit the newer 1999 pumps onto an older 1996 engine. I may have to replace the entire fuel delivery system with an aftermarket system. I thought about either mounting an inline Walbro pump near the fuel tank and running a return line back to the tank or even mounting the fuel pump in the gas tank. Anyone have any ideas on replacing the old fuel pump system? I cannot run my boat until I figure something out. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Any luck I'm dealing with this same problem did u find a solution for your discontinued fuel reservoir ?


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      I’d ditch all the efi stuff and convert back to a carb. Get a cast iron intake a 4 bbl Holley or Edelbrock and add a low pressure electric pump. This way you are protected from parts that become NLA.
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        I am having problems with my system on a 1999 5.0Gi PWTR my fuel filter is clean but I am now getting debris that collects in the gauze on the HP pump presumably caused by something after the LP pump ie. vapour reduction tank or hose.

        As far as I can see if you get the Fuel pump kit 3588865 and Bracket 3861031 then the HP hose to the TBI along with the adapter, the Return line is showing NLA but I'm sure one could be made.
        Which then just leaves the Circulation pump to T'stat hose and the Raw water pump to T'Stat hose to be sourced as the bracket might interfere with the original hoses. The 1/4" cooling hoses could be modified.

        But I am sure this could be made as a Kit, there must be many people in the same situation.

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