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Parsun Outboard Motors - What are they ?

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  • Parsun Outboard Motors - What are they ?

    I keep on seing promotions .. just what are these Parsun outboard motors ?

    a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work ..

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    Re: Parsun Outboard Motors - What are they ?

    Chinese-made copies of Yamahas. You pays your money and you takes your chances.

    Sure...go ahead and laugh at my old aluminum boat. It's paid for!


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      Re: Parsun Outboard Motors - What are they ?

      "You pays your money, you take yer chances..."

      Indeed... Thought I'd weigh in one this one.

      I grabbed an APS 4-stroke 9.9, the "model" sold at the store known affectionately as Crappy Tire here in Canada.

      I have several outboard motors, for different purposes, and when my trusty old Suzuki DT-6 ('91) proved not quite enough to plane my Zodiac with 2 persons, I decided to get a new 9.9. or a 15. I had a Yammie 15 2-stroke for many years in the salt chuck back out west, and I sure miss her...

      Going to the boat show last February here in Halifax, I was stunned to see the prices of new outboards in this range. 4 grand, tax in, for a 15 - slightly less for a 9.9....are you kidding me? That's almost DOUBLE the price of 10-15 years ago! The whole move to 4-stroke has been a real boon to the manufactures, reminds me of the flat screen TV folks when they first came out - suddenly everybody is forced to "upgrade" their possessions at a new, higher price...

      No other engine-product has jumped as high, that fast, IMO, as have outboard motors.

      Anyway, after my '73 Evinrude 9.5 left me stranded for the tenth time with a flooding/no-start...I panicked, with the boating season looming, and in June I grabbed a new 9.9 APS (Parsun) at CT for about $2500 tax in.
      I wish I had not.

      It's heavy (107 lbs), it vibrates, and has been in the shop TWICE in its first 6 hours...not even broke in yet! The only consolation is that the authorized repair center in Bridgewater is pretty good. Crappy Tire, much less so...they will NOT publish my 'review' on their site, even though as I say below, a sample of "one" is not good statistics. In fact I even gave it a 4/5 overall...but less in reliability, and I was critical of their customer service...after the engine failed on day 8 after my purchase, I was told I was "on my own" as the 7 day period had passed!

      I have written three reviews for Canadian Tire, each more "gentle" (but firm) about the engine. Not one has been allowed on the site. I even stopped referring to their service manager as someone who had clearly never even been in a boat, let alone ran an outboard... ;-) (or words to that effect)

      However, it IS possible that I have a "lemon"; I wouldn't rate this engine on just my experience alone. When it works, it runs similar to other big-ole 4 strokes I've used, lol, e.g. It's heavy, a bit sluggish...but it turns out the power and speed when it needs to...

      In retrospect, I wish I'd waited for a good deal on a newer used 2-stroke.

      I would be curious to hear any others that have this engine, and if they had the same problem as me (carb)?


      Just my tup'penny's worth...


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        Re: Parsun Outboard Motors - What are they ?

        Go on Youtube and listen to some of them running. You won't want one after that.
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