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Flying Scott overheating

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  • Flying Scott overheating

    I have a '59 60 hp Flying Scott outboard that is over heating (the temp light comes on). It runs for about 2-3 minutes before overheating. I looked at the water pump impeller and it looks good. I did not see any other issues when I removed the lower unit. There is a solid stream of water coming out a weep hole on the left side just under the engine. Any ideas what else may be causing this?

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    I would verify that it's actually overheating. Get yourself one of the inexpensive IR temp "guns" and verify the actual temp.

    Then remove the temp sensor switch, put it in hot water, and see what temp it actually closes.

    Alternatively, you could remove the switch and replace it with a temp sending unit (plus gage) to measure the actual engine temp.

    The engine may not be overheating at all.

    On the other hand, if it is actually overheating, unless the water jacket is badly corroded, you may have debris or other "'stuff" blocking water flow through the cooling passages in the engine.


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      Has this engine been in constant use. or was it recently put into use after a long sleep?

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        Put in use after a long sleep


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          What would be a "normal" operating temp?


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            Also, I have running it a a tank if that makes a difference.


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              Do you have water coming out of the exhaust relief. Those have more complicated wiring harnesses than the later models.


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                That engine might have two water pump impellers, one for engine cooling, and a second one for what was called Bail-a-Matic.


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                  It.does have 2