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Eska 7hp CDI Ignition

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  • Eska 7hp CDI Ignition

    Hi everyone,
    I've been trying to get an eska single cylinder running. It has the infamous CDI ignition. I'm working on a conversion with a nova II transistor and new coil under the flywheel that has high tension lead and two pig tails for ground from the coil and to the nova. Nothing else from the original setup is used except the stator itself. Anyone have any experience with this setup? I've heard positive results can be had, but so far no luck getting spark.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Ive seen over the years on the internet different ways people have converted the SSI or rehabbed them. Have you looked online?
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      Have you had any success with your cdi fix. I converted mine to an electronic coil with no points.theres a pic at bottom of page 4 under tankertec1. Its a little technical cause the coil is walbro coil that the coil wire and mounting needs modifications to fit the sears . I have two motors . One old wards which is like sears and a new sears head that’s never been fired for 15 years until I did this conversion