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1962 Sea King 5HP oil return hose

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  • 1962 Sea King 5HP oil return hose

    I recently pulled my carb to clean it up and when starting it back up afterwards noticed a small fuel leak inside the lower cowl, I couldnt really tell where it was coming from, just saw a couple drops pooled up at the front. Cleaned it all up and started trying to track down the culprit and noticed a few drops back by the fuel pump. Come to find out it wasnt coming from the pump itself or the fuel lines, but another line that was broken off at the bottom nipple. I must have knocked it a little trying to fit that carb silencer back in and broke it.
    This line must have been original to the motor as it was painted the same color as the block.
    I couldnt figure out what this was for or why there was fuel coming out of it, so googled and found out what it was for.
    The question I have is what size is this line? I found it on ebay, part# 308506, but its like $12-$15 for a single piece of what I would assume to be fuel line.
    If i knew the size I could just run down to the auto store and pick up a piece for alot cheaper.
    Anyone have any idea? Its much smaller than the 3/8 fuel line, but larger than the fuel line for my weed eaters. Im guessing it could be 1/4"?

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    Take a piece of it to your local lawn mower repair shop. It's only about 1/8" ID or thereabouts.


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      That's not a bad idea. I stopped by Advance Auto and picked up a piece of 1/8 inch fuel line but its just that flimsy clear line and its almost impossible to get on those fittings. If i had something thicker and sturdier I could probably get it on without too much effort. Both of those fittings are pretty tough to get to.
      Anyway thanks for the info F_R. I appreciate it as always.