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12D11E, 12hp

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  • 12D11E, 12hp

    Hi all,
    newbie here.

    ​Just picked up a 12D11E, 12hp on the weekend. Made in Peterborough Ontario, which is cool as I live in Ontario.

    ​I put in the proper plugs (J6C), and proper fuel/oil ratio (24:1), and she came alive! Love the raw engine sound from those old motors too...sounds like a diesel or small Harley.

    Was a bit shocked at how much oil is now in my test tank after running it for a short time. I guess a combination of rich mix and zero concern about emissions back then. I haven't tried it on the water yet, but am excited to try it out on my early 70's 12 ft Harbercraft aluminum, which is rated for up to a 15hp.

    ​I believe my motor is the 1954/55 "deluxe" version, which is the same as the standard up through 1958...as someone already noted.

    ​I was wondering though about the E at the end of model number...the only other E designation I could find denotes electric start, but mine has no wiring for that. I have noticed other letters at the end which seem to denote make... as in 12D11B for buccaneer or G for gale, and strangely A for gale "royal". But nothing for E. Perhaps Elto? The lettering has worn off the side, but it still has the 12 on the panel as well as a maple leaf with a beaver inside...vey cool.

    ​Can this motor be converted to external tank? The top tank works fine but would like something bigger if possible

    Thanks guys and happy motoring!

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    Eatons of Canada? Gale made motors under the Viking name for Eatons.
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      "E" means Elto. Vikings end with "V". Get it out of that tank and on a boat on the lake where it was designed to run. Get it adjusted properly and it will seem a lot cleaner. But you are absolutely correct, they did not worry about such stuff back then.


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        You won't find "E" and "V" motors listed in US model lists, because they were made in...well Canada. Nothing wrong with that, same motors.


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          Brilliant! Thanks F_R... thought it might be elto, which I guess technically makes it an evinrude "junior" ha! Yes must get her out where she can stretch her legs a bit. From what I have seen I can expect around 20mph or 30km/hr on my boat.

          I took my 2 young sons "boat-in-camping" this year for a week with only a 2.3 Johnson...5km (3miles for our American friends) up lake from launch point. Great fishing, sunny weather, and memories of my boys' first fish.

          ​Cant wait to do it next year, but with a motor that will actually outrun the deerflies!

          PS- I have the complete gale service manual if anyone is interested...400pages of awesome!