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Yamaha Stern Drive Water Coming in

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  • Yamaha Stern Drive Water Coming in

    I have a 1992 Rinker 186 with a 4.3L Yamaha Stern drive.
    I had read the following thread which was talking about the (exhaust?) dump from the anode at the back of the transom.

    I reference this because I have the same setup, but my boat seems to be taking on water. I will have to check about when it is not running but for sure when it is running, I have water coming in from under the Y pipe on the inside of the transom, or at least it seems like that is where it is coming in.

    The only things I am coming up with are:
    Is there a seal or something between the Y pipe and the gimbal housing exhaust bellows?
    Can water leak in from these anode exhaust ports?
    I asked Capt Ken about this and he mentioned that it could be the plate that holds the trim hoses, or the Y pipe is corroded.

    Does anyone have any history with this or checking / replacing the Y pipe.
    I have had the exhaust manifolds off and replaced the 3" and 4" hoses, but I couldn't see how to get the Y pipe out. Does it have a bolt on it or does it just wiggle out?

    Thanks -

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    Re: Yamaha Stern Drive Water Coming in

    i worked on a couple of those yamahas where it was leaking water when its running and found the Y-pipe bolts were loose. i put in a new seal/ o-ring. i've seen some mercruisers where the Y-pipe bolts have come loose


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      Re: Yamaha Stern Drive Water Coming in

      Well now that you mention the Y pipe being loose, when we were replacing the 3" and 4" hoses from the risers to the elbos, we did notice that the Y pipe would move back and forth or pivot. We just thought that it was supposed to do that and didn't give it a second thought.

      Should the Y pipe be tight, as it should have no play when the 3" hoses from the elbows are removed?

      If it is loose, can this be tightened while the motor is in the boat?
      I can't even feel with my arm up under the engine where the bolts for the Y pipe are at. Looking at a parts diagram, the Y pipe seems to only have 2 bolts and they are located at the top of the pipe where it fits the back of the transom.
      The engine mount or other part seems to be in the way.

      I went back out to the garage and took another look and found a bolt that was under the Y pipe to the port side next to the tilt pump hoses was loose. After talking to CaptKen, he mentioned it might be from the tilt pump hose bracket? I am going to tighten this down.

      The Y pipe will be next if I can figure out haw to get to those bolts, or where they are at.

      Thanks -


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        Re: Yamaha Stern Drive Water Coming in

        After talking to CaptKen, he mentioned Y pipe rusted through or the plate where the power trim lines go out below the Y pipe could be loose. This was not easy to get to , but would you believe that the bolts that hold this plate in place were so loose they were about to fall out?
        After some time hugging the engine and a little carpet burn on my elbow from the reach, I got both bolts tight, and it doesn't leak any more.

        Thanks CaptKen!!