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1991 4.3 cobra no spark

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  • 1991 4.3 cobra no spark

    So I have 1991 OMC Cobra 4.3 that has no spark. I have power to the coil on both sides but nothing at the top when the motor is turning. Could it possibly be the switch? I’m also wondering about the wiring. My starter only has the big stud and one little one. With all the wire hooked up the starter keeps on trying to start the motor. I have unhooked the one that goes to the coil and that stopped the starter. I’m pretty sure I need a 3 prong starter. Can someone tell me what wires go where on the starter. I have a yellow red wire that is hooked to the power and looks like it jumps to the same prong the purple one to the coil is hooked to. I’m also wondering if any one can tell me where the inline fuse wires up on the shift module hook to. One has a plug in for the trim. But one doesn’t have a plug in it looks like it goes on a stud somewhere and to power. Any ideas will be much appreciated as I have tried almost everything to get it running.

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    if you have power to both sides of the coil, something is wrong. one side should be connected to the ignition trigger (points, electronic module, etc.) which fires the coil by switching to ground

    the yellow wire with the red stripe is the start circuit for the starter. it should go to the S terminal.

    there may be a yellow wire with purple stripe, or a purple wire running from the coil to the I/R terminal on the starter. this is used on motors with points.

    if you have pints, you need to service them.
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      When I turn the key and try to start the motor the negative side of the coil will ground out. Coil has two grey wires to the negative side and a red and a purple with black stripe on the positive side. Red goes to the alternator and the purple with black stripe goes to the starter.