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"1963 Electric Start Evinrude 28 hp Speed Twin Model #28302A."

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  • "1963 Electric Start Evinrude 28 hp Speed Twin Model #28302A."

    Meet the new addition to my family. I hope she's not a lemon. The lakes are still frozen here in Ohio, but I will have this baby ready to go when they thaw. It will be going on my 14' Deep V Grumman. replacing my 1961 15 hp Sea King. Boat is rated for a 25 hp max. Don't tell anyone I'm over by 3 hp.

    I purchased this from a guy yesterday, but he couldn't find the fuel hose (wife cleaning up in the garage), so I couldn't verify that it runs. The closest store to get a hose was about 20min away. He offered to go and get one, but I didn't want to wait an hour. I got the motor and plastic 6 gallon tank minus the hose with 4 gallons of fresh fuel he bought to demo the motor with for $100 bucks.

    He said he got the motor from a friend that owed him some money last season. The friend had the motor serviced at the local marina and the head had been replaced before he got it.

    1. Tiller handle is loose, and doesn't turn smoothly, but the splines still look good, and line up.
    2. Motor fuel connection is just hanging through a hole in the lower cover. Not attached to motor.
    3. No wiring guide, or start / kill switch for electric start.
    4. Motor is dirty from sitting.
    5. I wanted a newer motor.
    6. Big, bulky,heavy, and ugly.
    7. If the motor runs, I feel like I took advantage of the guy by only giving him $100 bucks.

    1. The guy was persistant about going to go get a hose, and he even gave me the name of the guy at the marina that worked on the motor and told me to call him if I had any questions. SO, CAN I ASSUME IT SHOULDN'T TAKE MUCH TO GET THIS MOTOR RUNNING.
    2. Electric start assembly, wiring, lower unit, etc sold for parts are worth more than $100 bucks.
    3. New head, and the possibly of the motor having been serviced within the last 3 years. The motor looks like its been serviced and the fuel lines under cowl look newer.
    4. Good compression/ Spark/ Spark Plugs look good.
    5. Lower unit oil clear.
    6. I can work on it myself.
    7. The motor can be painted.
    8. The guy seemed to be happy with the $100. (The wife said sell it, I don't want to look at it anymore, and its in my way).

    I think I made the right decision, what do you think? I won't have time to try and start it till Wednesday afternoon. I'll let you guys know the outcome.

    Even though it looks like something out of an alien movie, it won't stop me from catching fish or having fun at the lake this and many more summers to come. Thanks for reading.
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    Re: "1963 Electric Start Evinrude 28 hp Speed Twin Model #28302A."

    Looks like a nice project.
    I have the OEM service and parts manual.
    If you want a copy send me a PM with your email address.
    Have fun!
    '77 Crestliner Voyager Deluxe 16' (semi V), Spartan WondeRoll tilt trailer, '81 Johnson 25 hp, '88 Johnson 30 hp, '87 Evinrude 30 hp


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      Re: "1963 Electric Start Evinrude 28 hp Speed Twin Model #28302A."

      gee looks familiar! that's a 71 33 hp .same family as the 63 .very reliable and torque.lots of parts around .have fun hope it works out .


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        Re: "1963 Electric Start Evinrude 28 hp Speed Twin Model #28302A."

        Thanks for the help and words of encouragement!


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          Re: "1963 Electric Start Evinrude 28 hp Speed Twin Model #28302A."

          I have the same one, when tuned properly you can idle down and it's smooth as a .....I haven't seen to many other similar motors of that vintage that run so smoothly. And they are dependable motors. Happy boating!
          If ya can't fix it with a hammer,ya got yourself an electrical problem.