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Mercury 90 vs E-tec 90?

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    As I have said before, I was a Rude guy for 50 years. But when its time to change, its time. Three reasons:

    1. 15 Merc dealers in town to one BRP.
    2. Negative comments (whether true or false I dunno) from some local owners.
    3. Bought Brunswick Corp boats and Mercs were the only horse to ride.

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      Originally posted by jimmbo View Post
      Carbs and Mechanical Spark advance are easy to understand and work on. Electronics and FI make for some very Hard to understand and Hard to troubleshoot Systems. Those Electronics just sit there, not appearing to do anything... So they really become Dealer Service. Hopefully the Dealer wasn't too cheap and didn't deny Certified Training for the Techs, who are rapidly becoming Part Swappers, Very expensive Parts too.
      Back in the '60's I was a TV moonlighter to get 4 kids grown and in the process be able to have a boat and some fun too. New type of major brand of TV comes out and it's all circuit cards and a main frame. Cards had to go back to the factory for repair.

      Problem I had with the job was that Joe Blow buys a new TV and has a warranty service call. Johnny Fix-R-Upper shows up with his tool bag and a suitcase of circuit cards. Well folks, what's in the bag? Well in the bag are working circuit cards, some new replacements, some removed from other's TVs that were mistakenly swapped, of who knows what age, but were functional, and weren't the cause of the problem at hand and rather than being put back in that person's TV, after they didn't solve the problem, they stayed in the bag.

      Course the bright side is that once the bad board is replaced the TV is fixed, while still sitting in the owner's home and a trip to the shop is avoided along with the inconvenience to the customer of being without his TV till it was repaired and returned.....today if your's breaks, you just throw it in the trash and buy a new one, just like your cell phone and computer and most every thing else these days.

      If you are new to boating or have a new boat, a knowledgeable friend could show you how to operate your boat and save you a lot of grief, maybe some money, and maybe your life.


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        My 2 cents, the Etec is just a far superior motor to the 06 Mercury. Will it out perform the Mercury? Yes it will, in every way except the cost to buy it and the cost of repairs to it when they are needed. Otherwise it is just way better motor, fuel consumption savings will shock you. The motor is fuel injected so it will always start first turn of the key. It will have an extremely smooth delivery of power through all ranges of the power band and it will be almost as quiet as a four stroke. You will also be saving the environment if that matters to you due to low oil usage and ultra low emissions.