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Identify Early Mercruiser

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  • Identify Early Mercruiser

    I have a Mercruiser motor that says 140 on the valve cover serial # 3247087

    I have found 140 - (GM 181CID 3.0L I4) 3332138 THRU 5157668

    The pre Alpha sterndrive is serial # 3250402

    I have searched for info but cant find anything for these specific numbers or a number range they fit in
    I just want to know what they are specifically and the ratio for the sterndrive
    I believe the boat is a 1972 SeaSwirl Cuddy

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    Missed it by that much....Your serial number fits more into the 1968 - 72 year range...You found the 72 - 78 year range. Below is the parts guide you should need for the engine,

    http://www.mercruiserparts.com/140-g...2-2508261-thru 140 GM 181 I/L4 1968-1972

    Here's your stern drive parts too, 120/140 1970-1977

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      I think its about time this boat retired, its my friends boat and theres nothing that is right on it, how it manages to run and stay on top of the water amazes me..
      Its one of those things I'm gonna end up married to untill death do us part, It looks like the boat is a little closer to death than me, if not, im in huge trouble....

      Hey, do ya happen to know the WOT range, she has a 23p prop that is a dog getting on plane i was thinking about a 19p but dont want her to take it out and blow it up if my guess is a little off...


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        Hey, do ya happen to know the WOT range,
        Ayuh,.... The closer you can get to 4600 rpms, the better it'll run,....


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          I switched from a 19 pitch to a 17,4 blade. got my hole shot better, rpm's at 4500 and lost no speed. Don't
          ​t dog out in the corners like it did with the 19. Mine is a merc 120 17.5 1985 chaparral.
          If ya can't fix it with a hammer,ya got yourself an electrical problem.


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            Sign up today
            I bought a used 19 but he has a 17 i set aside to see if she wants it for towing..
            Were taking the boat out today to see where I screwed up when I fiddled around with everything..
            If it dont plane right away, maybe Ill take back the 19 and see if he will swap me for the 17...