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Why I didn't buy a 140HP merc today

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  • Why I didn't buy a 140HP merc today

    Well! We went and looked at the engine.

    The wiring harness was wrong, so that sucked. We need a 9 connector and they had modified an 8 conductor. So we passed on that.

    Upon inspection, there was rust in cylinder 4 and rust on the interior of spark plug 1. There was a chip on the piston of cylinder 1. The carb venturi tubes were rusted and it was a rochester, but I didn't recognize the style. The valve cover had a huge red sticker on it saying "Leaded Fuel ONLY". That's right. Leaded. So it's possible this wasn't even a 1974 engine. Maybe earlier. Or the valve cover had been replaced. Impossible to know.

    You could easily identify the machine marks on the cylinder heads on cylinders 1,2,3.

    The flywheel was covered in rust (don't know if this is a deal breaker on a total engine rebuild).

    I was then informed the engine hadn't been turned over in 15 YEARS. At that point, I decided it was impossible to know if water had been left in the engine. Specifically in the riser pushing on the exhaust manifold.

    As we left, I told him I could offer 150 dollars for it., and to call me if he changed his mind.

    Anyone have a similar experience? Did i make the right decision? We are looking for a rebuild project lol.

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    Sounds like it could serve as a mooring weight and nothing more....
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      Sounds like you did the right thing.

      Don't know when they switched to valves good for unleaded but my 74 still wants leaded.
      It never see's it though.
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        Anyone ever buy an engine they shouldn't have?

        What were the signs you ignored?


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          Well the guy emailed me back and said he'll take $100.

          Anyone else take a risk on an old engine to see if it can be rebuilt? Looking for a project... I want to build an engine from the ground up.

          I suppose if the block is cracked the scrap might be worth $50

          Thoughts? What's the cheapest someone's gotten an engine for


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            Cheapest, free.

            I wouldn't take a chance on buying junk, get something in better shape.


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              Ayuh,.... If the block, crankshaft, 'n cam are Ok, it's worth 'bout $100. to a machine shop to rebuild it,....

              A salvageable head is also worth 'bout $100. to a machine shop that needs 1 for a customer,...

              Rebuildable cores,... cylinders gotta clean up with a .030" over-bore,... .060" over-bore is Ok for yerself, but the shop has to guaranty it,...


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                I'd gamble $100, if I could pull the manifold to see if the block is cracked behind the manifold...

                Not turned over for 15 years, water indication in cylinders, you're buying a rebuildable core, nothing more.
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                  Sign up today
                  Well we went and snagged it! Rolling the dice on this one...

                  Gasket on riser was in great shape. Light surface rust on the exhaust port. Carb underside looks great. Some yellow gunk on cylinder 4... We'll pull the manifold and header once the actual boat project is done... Hardest question is going to be what color do we want to paint this puppy...