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cylinder bleed hose routing?

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  • cylinder bleed hose routing?

    I have a 1971 tower of power 1350 and am wanting to find out if the cylinder bleed hoses are routed in to the correct location and that the check valves are in the right spots. 3037534 is serial number. I will try and describe what I have going on now the best I can.

    There is one line running from the upper main bearing to the port between cylinders 2 & 3 with only a check valve in the port between 2 & 3.

    There is one line running from the port between cylinders 4 & 5 running to the balance tube/reed block fitting on cylinder 5 & 6. With only a check valve at the port Between cylinders 4 & 5.

    There is one more hose running from the lower main bearing port to the balance tube/reed block fitting on cylinder 3 &4. With no check valve at all.

    There is also hoses also running between the balance tube/reed block fittings as well.

    Let me know if this sound right I have looked at the parts brake down for this motor on the various mercury parts stores and suspect the lower two hoses are crossed because the lengths they give for the lower two hoses are to short for the way it is routed now and it appears that there should be a check valve in the lower bearing cap port.

    Also if it needs to have a check valve at the lower main cap port what will it hurt if it is not there? And Where Can I find a New one, They are no Longer available from mercury.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: cylinder bleed hose routing?

    I don't have a diagram, but I have looked at the parts listing and believe that you should have a hose that runs from top to bottom, with 2 tee-pieces running to check valves at the centre bearings. Centre bearings are between cylinders #2 and #3 and cylinders #4 and #5.

    There should be a check valve at the bottom too.

    Don't know where you'll get new check valves. You need the valve at the bottom. If it's not there, then no oil will be pumped to the top bearing.... Not a good idea.

    Hope this helps...
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      Re: cylinder bleed hose routing?

      Here is link to see how it goes,its in the upper right of diagram..
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          Re: cylinder bleed hose routing?

          Anyone ? Ideas? or dose it really matter much on the location of the lower hoses? The upper bearing is fed by the 2 & 3 bearing port that dose have a check valve to pump the oil up to it. So I am thinking the lower hoses just pump the oil that settled to the bottom of the cylinder pairs back to the inlet of the reed block so it can be redistributed and they should be hooked up with the 4 & 5 bearing port to the 3 & 4 reed block and the Lower bearing port should be going to the 5 & 6 reed block.

          Also thought i would let anyone elce here looking for a flywheel removal tool the one sold by heartland products works grate. I just removed mine and it was seized on. It actualy tore some meatal off the crank when it pulled it off.

          Also I wanted to make shure all the crank seals in my motor are facing the right direction. All three of them the upper one and lower 2 have the lip facing down. Is this right?

          Thanks Hoppy