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2005 60hp 4 stroke bigfoot

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  • 2005 60hp 4 stroke bigfoot

    Friend of mine has this motor an he says its got good compression and it starts an idles great but when u giv it gas it starts smoking bad real bad. It doesnt fowl plugs but the smoke pours out. Lower back down to idle an it does fine. Somebody told him that some vent is pluggd is the reason its doin this. Im no mechanic so im hoping someone can tell me if there is any truth to this? Im interested in buying the motor

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    Don’t suppose someone has put 2 stroke in the fuel ? Or perhaps it’s even a 2 stroke ? Be quite young for a 2 stroke perhaps though.
    Another easy fix might be if it had too much oil in the sump.

    What were the compression numbers ?


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      I sent him a msg askin for the numbers. The guy that had it before him said he was goin across lake and id dumpd all the oil somehow without warning and someone told him them motors are bad about doing that? So he wanted to get rid of it


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        Never accept verbal compression numbers, check for yourself

        word of caution
        Your "friend" can't figure it out & now want to dump it on you
        Sorry, just my opinion
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          No he not tryin to dump it off on me. He knows my son needs a motor for his deck boat and told me about this motor. Told me i could take it and get it checkd out or whatever i want to do. He just tryn to help


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            I do appreciate yalls time and input. I guess the biggest question is if anyone has ever heard of that vent thing being stopped up? Is there something that could be stoppd up to cause the smoking when accelerated?


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              if its 4 stroke the smoking problem can be related
              1. outboard is burning oil,becouse bad piston/rings
              2.becouse od bad valve seals
              3. fuel injectors are sparaying to much fuel