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Performance issues SeaPro 25

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  • Performance issues SeaPro 25

    Hi everyone.

    New to boating this year. Purchased a 2007 Lund 14ft WC14-DLX with a 2007 Mercury 2-stroke SeaPro 25hp.
    Boat has factory floor and I’ve added a 2nd (heavy) battery which I’ve relocated towards the middle after realizing it may have been too heavy for stern area.

    Two Problems I’ve had all summer since owning boat (even before adding 2nd battery) is:
    1. I can only get 11km/hr (7mph) top speed. I usually carry 2 persons, sometimes 3, speed doesn’t really change either way. I’ve been told 25hp on this boat should hit at least 20mph (32kmh)
    2. Trolling is a nightmare. Does not perform well at low RPMs, often stalls and after about 20-30 mins of trolling engine shuts off and I have to wait several mins to restart, I do see steam at that point, im thinking a heating issue. This becomes a real downer when trying to enjoy the stress free lifestyle of being on the water. No stalling issues at WOT, just no speed.
    Had a mechanic look at it, personally I don’t think he was too interested in doing work, must have been real busy during prime time.

    He changed plugs, ran cleaner through it and said compression was fine, said motor was **** and most motors don’t perform well at idle and tried selling me a new Merc 20 that was smaller and lighter, that’s it, I thought there was more he could have done. I personally ran SeaFoam through it prior to giving to him.

    Engine doesn’t really pee at idle in neutral but does start peeing if throttle opens up or if in gear. Gas vent is open.

    Any thoughts from anyone here? I’d really appreciate some input, I’m really loving the fishing/ boating but not when things constantly go wrong.

    Thanks so much.

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    Tohatsu or Mercury built motor? 2 or 4 strk?


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      2 stroke.
      not sure if Merc or Tohatsu, from what I hear, Tohatsu builds these for Merc.


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        I would do a spark test sounds like it may be running on one cylinder. Put up a pic of the powerhead could be a leftover Merc or a Tohatsu built.