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1997 40hp 4 cylinder.

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  • 1997 40hp 4 cylinder.

    Serial number 0G580734. 40ELPTO.
    so long story story short. The motor would run for a while then lose all spark to all cylinders. I replaced the stator and switchbox. Engine fired right up on the hose. I replaced the fuel filter at this time. Took it to the launch. Ran it wide open to my dock. When I got to the dock. It did not want to idle unless throttle up to about 1500 rpm. I did notice a small amount of fuel around where the fuel filter clamps are on the fuel lines. I took the boat home and messed it some and it would idle on the trailer. I did replace the fuel line for the filter and reclamped it. Any idea on what I should be looking for?

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    Time to replace all fuel lines, from the tank through out the engine, fuel pump kit, squeeze bulb, carb kits, another fuel filter. When you do the carb rebuild, ensure you soak them good and use compressed air liberally, especially around the brass jets. Expect to see tiny pieces of black rubber (fuel line) in your carbs.
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