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Best book for this repair

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  • Best book for this repair

    I have a Alpha drive unit and I've not done much other than change a impeller which I've done before on my pontoon boat but NOW I have a leak from the bellows area and need to get things down to that so I can replace them ( they are all very old so I plan to change all of them) I just don't want to create any new problems. So you know what I'm doing, what is the best manual/book out there for guiding me through the process?

    oops almost forgot the drive was manufactured in 1990 and is the SELOC a good one?

    Thanks in advance guys
    Thanks for all the help from my fellow boaters

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    Re: Best book for this repair

    Don't use SELOC.

    Don will be along & he's got the link for proper step by step!

    By the way, replace all the bellows + the senders & shift cable!


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      Re: Best book for this repair

      at the top of the forum is a sticky with the link to the factory manuals.

      the Clymer and Seloc manuals are good knee pads, or if you broke the leg on the couch, they can be used to prop it up.
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