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intake whistles only after restart...

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  • intake whistles only after restart...

    This has been going for two seasons and each time we think we have it fixed, I need some experienced help here. We've had enough theories!

    Twin Pleasecraft 351 with velvet drive inboard system. When the boat is stopped for a short time such as pump out, refuel, ect and engines are still hot I get a very loud whistle from the air intake system on the port engine.

    We have replaced the gaskets to the carb, carb spacer, and checked the surface of the manifold and spacer plate for straightness. The carb mount studs have been re-torqued again and we just cannot figure out where this system is sucking error.

    This doesn't happen on 20 mile runs at any point when the engine is started or if I shut down and start back up (or a stall). There needs to be 10-20 minutes between restarts to get the whistle going. My mechanic is starting to scratch his head and he's a very competent guy IMHO!


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    Re: intake whistles only after restart...

    Have you done anything to check the intake manifold especially at the corners, front & rear?......
    A small brush & a little clean, fresh water may help you locate your leak....
    Disclaimer!: In my inexpert opinion......