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Water in cylinder

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  • Water in cylinder

    New guy here so bear with me.
    Looking for some info on the Liberator 211, (350 mag)(fresh longblock). I am having issues with water getting in the cylinders. Installed the new engine last season due to water in cylinder 2/4. This was more I had no idea what kind of care that engine had so figured I'd start freash. At the end of last season it started to run rough, my assumption was that it was timing related however when I checked the plugs #7 had water in it.
    Does anyone know if these boats came with shutters and if not can I add them. Through hull 4" exhaust system BTW.

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    You would probably see the shutters when installing a new engine...
    What condition are the manifolds in?


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      Installed the new engine last season due to water in cylinder 2/4.
      Ayuh,..... Welcome Aboard,...... Did you find the cause, of the water in #2, 'n #4,..??..??


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        Thanks for the welcome
        The manifold on the starboard side I replaced cause I suspected that it had a crack. As for the port side I have a new one on the way. #2 and 4 water issue has yet to show itself again I was convinced that manifold was bad (starboard) and the root cause of my water issues. Now with it starting on the port side not so confident. Not sure if it is something that could be remedied by adding the shutters or not very nervous and open to suggestions.


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          Exhaust manifolds (or the related gasket seal) are the first place to look when you are getting water in the cylinders. Next would be the intake manifold, then the valve guides. Since you have a 'new' long block, you are probably looking at the exhaust, not the other stuff.

          Is there a mild (i.e. marine) cam in the new long block? if not, then it may the the cam shaft.
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            Without tearing it down my guess is yes it is a mild cam marine setup (or at least it's supposed to be). I received the exhaust manifold today I'll put it on in the morning and see what happens. So I did some searching and thought I read that the riser gasket could cause this condition. Any insite on that.