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Its all gone wrong

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  • Its all gone wrong

    Hello all,

    1990 Chaparral Signature 27 with Thunderbolt 4 ignition

    Changed the oil which all went well. Before I fired the engine up I took off the HT lead from the coil to turn the engine over a few times and get the oil pressure up before going for a full start. I span the engine over and heard arcing, looked over at the coil to see arcing between the centre electrode and both the positive and negative low voltage connections. Not surprisingly the ignition now appears to be dead.

    I've put a new coil on but still no spark. I have a +13v feed on the + side of the coil.

    I suspect the pickup in the distributer next as if I put a plug on the HT lead from the coil and bridge the pick up wire connectors with screwdriver then I get a great spark.

    A slight complication is that I've found the inside of the distributor rusty and it has lateral play so it might be a blessing as I need to renew the distributor anyway, The rotor arm broke when I tried to remove it too.

    Anyway, does it sound like the pickup if I get a spark by bridging the connections ?

    Many thanks


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    Probably blew the module, distributor pick up and/or tachometer. Go thru this chart and see what it tells you. It says TB5 but is the same for TB4

    Do remove tach lead from - side of coil before using chart. Could also try starting after removing tach lead

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