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flywheel ring

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  • flywheel ring

    have a 1995 bayliner trophy. 5.7 mrec. needs a new flywheel ring. Question is do I need to pull the motor or can it just be slid far enough ahead to get my hand in and undo flywheel bolts. Any input would be great.

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    Welcome aboard, mycarver.

    Maybe is the best and only answer. The flywheel cover has to be removed to get to the flywheel bolts and that means the motor has to be moved forward 6 or more inches for the cover to clear the flywheel, coupler and drive shaft.

    How much room you have in front of motor will be the thing to look at. Don't know about your Bayliner, but many boats don't have the room.

    Don't forget that alignment needs to be checked after the motor is back in place and the drive has to come off for that, so pull the drive before starting anything.
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      ^^ +1. "Maybe is the best and only answer." GA said it all.
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        Ayuh,..... Welcome Aboard,...... It's usually alot less work to just Pull the motor, than tryin' to work on it in the bilge,.....


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          Pull the motor, its easiest
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            Originally posted by mycarver13 View Post
            ...to get my hand in and undo flywheel bolts.....
            The initial tightening torque on those screws (not 'bolts') was 75lb-ft. It will require AT LEAST that to loosen them. Then you have to line up the flywheel and get them back in, and torque them back to 75lb-ft... All that while leaning over an unstable engine, without proper view of what you're aiming at... You could sell tickets, or take bets on which last longest, your arms or your patience.

            All jokes aside, having just worked on a 350Mag MPI buried in the bowels of a boat, pulling the engine out completely (which isn't hard, and doesn't take long) is going to be far easier and quicker. And with less skin lost from knuckles, and a cleaner, 'less blue' environment...

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