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  • Welcome

    Welcome to iboats fora, Lehr.

    Nice to see leading edge technology in the mix.

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    Re: Welcome

    Am I missing something here? Where is the original post re the "new technology"??
    1988 Cadorette Holiday 200 Cuddy.
    4.3 LX Mercruiser/Alpha1 - 791 hours.

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      Re: Welcome

      Got a call earlier this year from someone in sales and asked if I wanted to be a dealer for this line. When they said propane, I said "huh?". Wasn't really interested but then they asked if I would consider doing warranty work for them. I asked who was selling them and the possibilty of any being in the area. They asked how close was a West Marine? I looked out the door and said, hmmm about a hundred yards at best. Well they sell these engines. But still haven't seen any.


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        Re: Welcome

        Originally posted by Another retired guy View Post
        Am I missing something here? Where is the original post re the "new technology"??
        Ayuh,.... I believe iboats will be sellin' these new motors,...

        Donno nothin' 'bout 'em, but this seems to be the OEM's website,...

        Cute little motor, if ya have use for it, 'n easy handlin' fuel...
        Donno how far/ long a little can of propane goes,... can't be too far...


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          Re: Welcome

          Lehr Propane Outboards - iboats

          They sure idle high, 2000 rpm. 56 minute run time @ WOT for the 2.5 hp, 28 minutes for the 5 hp. ten and twenty lb. cylinders are accessories.
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            Re: Welcome

            anyone who dont jump on the bandwagon is gonna be missing out big time.
            LPG engines are here to stay, they are not new, just new to many people.
            LPG was used a lot during world war 2 to power a lot of industrial engines,motor cars,trucks and large boat engines.
            lpg has been used in industry for a long time, and anyone who has seen a forklift will of seen a lpg powered forklift.
            these engines are not special, they are simple 4 strokes with a jet into the intake for the lpg.
            they are more reliable and run smoother than petrol.

            the reason most boat dealers ahve not seen them is purely because they dont break as often and servicing is far less.
            for the service and parts side of the engines, they are no good to a workshop, they dont break as often and therefore
            no need to keep going back for parts.

            i say we need more lpg outboards and more 2 stroke lpg converters.

            i would jump at the chance of lpg on my 2 stroke outboard straight away.

            Ya cant fix stupid, coz there aint no cure