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Lehr outboards and reliability

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  • Lehr outboards and reliability

    I am looking at purchasing a new 5 or 6hp outboard for my car topper. The idea of propane as a fuel intrigues me, because it is very clean burning. However, the reviews of Lehr outboard motors on other websites are terrible.

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    As it has been a while since anyone has posted anything on Lehr outboards on this website, I was wondering how owners feel about their Lehr outboards. What issues have you been experiencing or has Lehr been a reliable outboard for you?

    Thanks for your input.
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    I have a 5hp short shaft Lehr outboard
    I absolutely love it
    I have had one problem with it .
    When it was first released the outboard cover clips were cheap plastic.

    Mine were damaged by curious onlooker.
    I called Lehr and they sent me the new improved ones.

    From a reliability point of view I have had no problems at all.
    In the winter time the outboard lives in my closet
    Come boating season it lives in my truck.

    I would love to have a 9.9 but at my age it is too heavy to have to lug around by myself.
    No I don't want a trailer

    I should add that I got the Lehr because I was tired of dealing with the Ethonol gas which is notorious for clogging up small engines.

    I have not had a engine problem caused by fuel sine I went propane.
    In fact I converted my Honda generator to propane.

    Propane just stores better
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    Zodiac Fastroller 325
    Lehr 5HP propane outboard


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      What happened to the Lehr Enthusiasts ? The post stayed frozen at Limbo Jimbo..

      Happy Boating

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