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Lehr outboards and reliability

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  • Lehr outboards and reliability

    I am looking at purchasing a new 5 or 6hp outboard for my car topper. The idea of propane as a fuel intrigues me, because it is very clean burning. However, the reviews of Lehr outboard motors on other websites are terrible.

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    As it has been a while since anyone has posted anything on Lehr outboards on this website, I was wondering how owners feel about their Lehr outboards. What issues have you been experiencing or has Lehr been a reliable outboard for you?

    Thanks for your input.
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    I have a 5hp short shaft Lehr outboard
    I absolutely love it
    I have had one problem with it .
    When it was first released the outboard cover clips were cheap plastic.

    Mine were damaged by curious onlooker.
    I called Lehr and they sent me the new improved ones.

    From a reliability point of view I have had no problems at all.
    In the winter time the outboard lives in my closet
    Come boating season it lives in my truck.

    I would love to have a 9.9 but at my age it is too heavy to have to lug around by myself.
    No I don't want a trailer

    I should add that I got the Lehr because I was tired of dealing with the Ethonol gas which is notorious for clogging up small engines.

    I have not had a engine problem caused by fuel sine I went propane.
    In fact I converted my Honda generator to propane.

    Propane just stores better
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    Zodiac Fastroller 325
    Lehr 5HP propane outboard


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      What happened to the Lehr Enthusiasts ? The post stayed frozen at Limbo Jimbo..

      Happy Boating

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        I just purchased a used Lehr. Two previous owners before me. Fellow sold it to me not mechanical at all, he got it on a sailboat he purchased. When he got it it was only a year or so old. He tried to use it, tried to have work done under warrantee to no avail. It would start and run but idle could not be adjusted by air carb / regulater screw not by the idle speed screw. He read the bad post , dealer wanted to charge him for a new carb saying the carb was not warranteed. (wrong). They said junk it. Of course they sold him a new Yamaha.
        He sold it to me at a bargain price I could not refuse.Brought it home and yes there were idle and start issues. Knowing a bit about propane I thought there can't be more thaan a carb problem here. I read what post were available, again lots or negatives. Did not phase me, I do not post to say how well my engines run for me. I called the custumer support and they were very helpful. Seems the throttle needle inside the carb has a tendency to migrate out of position if loctite is not used. Easy fix thanks to Chip at Lehr. These motors seem to be built well. Issues will arise and service is tricky because you are usually dealing with another vendor who also sells other outboard brands. If you go in saying the motor is junk because that is what you read well hell you just set your self up. You may need to have an inkling of mechanical common sense if you buy one of these motors that way you get a great deal on a good motor which as the manufacturer touts will run clean and not give you gasoline related problems.
        Bottom line is the company is here to stay and that should speak for itself.

        On another note, because I am a tightwad. Does anyone know which other brand impeller I can use to replace mine. I figure there is one and would like to know. I will soon take mine out and try to fit one from my inventory of impellers. I will post my finding here unless someone else does first.. My motor is a 2014 9.9 HP.


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          If you do find an impeller, start a new thread.

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          That is what the forums are for.
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