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  • Johnson Colt

    I have just purchased a Johnson Colt Model CJCO-ESE S/N C8483037. It was made in Canada. I would like to know:1. Where can I get a owner's manual and parts for it?2. Does anyone know the gas/oil ratio for it?3. How old is it and is it a 2.2HP as I was told?Thanks

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    Re: Johnson Colt

    First - welcome to Iboats, Earl.That's a 1989 Johnson Colt 1.2hp engine you have there. Fuel/Oil mix is 50:1 87 octane gas to TC-W3 rated outboard oil. Owners manuals are still reprinted by Kencook, but I strongly suggest you forget about it and buy the service manual instead. It is far more useful:TheOutboardWizardMastertechMarine EngineKen CookParts are available from Iboats, NAPA autoparts in the States, and your local Johnny/Rude dealer. Iboats and probably your local library will have an aftermarket manual, but those OEM ones above are much better. Good luck!