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1987 Johnson 140 V4 Stalling...

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  • 1987 Johnson 140 V4 Stalling...

    Hi, I'm in need of some help analyzing why my 140hp Johnson is stalling under 2500 rpm. It runs above 2500 rpm, but will stall immediately when throttle is reduced. It used to stall at idle every now and then, but never a problem at any increased rpm beyond idle. This new stalling problem also happened very suddenly, not gradually.

    Also and importantly, when I removed the air silencer cover to have a look at the carbs, there was lots of fuel in the carbs and a lot of fuel dripped down and collected in the cover. So much so, that fuel was leaking down into the lower cowling and down the midsection.

    Does this sound like I need to do a carb cleaning and/or rebuild? I tried to find this problem/solution in the Top Secret File, but to no avail...any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: 1987 Johnson 140 V4 Stalling...

    You should clean & kit.
    Soak and blow out passages.
    Needles are not seating properly.
    After carb job you should see no
    gas running or dripping out.


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      Re: 1987 Johnson 140 V4 Stalling...

      Be careful about running that motor with the air silencer cover off. It'll lean out pretty easily. That will ruin more than just your day.


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        Re: 1987 Johnson 140 V4 Stalling...

        Thanks Dhadley and Big flop. Do you guys think I may have a VRO pump problem? I'm starting to think I might since there is mixed fuel in the fuel filter...shouldn't the filter be clear with just straight gas?