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What do you put in your toolbox??

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  • What do you put in your toolbox??


    I recently just purchased my first 1986 15hp Evinrude. I am wondering what basic tools should I carry in a little tool box on board? What tools do you guys recommend? I bought a manual and plan on learning the in's and out's about the motor. Obviously some motor problems can be fixed with the turn of a wrench while others require some shop time. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated!


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    Re: What do you put in your toolbox??

    I don't carry any tools onboard - There's not much you can do when out on the water anyway. I'm on a small lake and can get towed back in if I have a problem. My old motors are pretty reliable and I maintain them well, and have not gotten stranded in many years. I guess you could carry some extra shear/drive pins, fuses, a couple screwdrivers, pliers or channel lock if it would make you more comfortable. Even changing a shear pin is difficult when out on the water, as you just about have to get in the water to do it. Then you risk deep-sixing parts when you try to change it.


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      Re: What do you put in your toolbox??

      Probably not a bad idea to carry a spark plug wrench and an extra pair of spark plugs too.
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        Re: What do you put in your toolbox??

        Carry another outboard in your toolbox...a kicker with enough HP to push you home and work on the motor properly. Other than that, tools to remove and clean battery terminals and maybe change spark plugs...and of course, a hammer, vicegrips, and duct tape. :-)

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          Re: What do you put in your toolbox??

          You should carry a charged up cell phone and Vhf radio..

          Sometimes changing a spark plug or 2 is almost impossible..allways think Impossible when on the water ( the water does not care who what or where ).

          Allways have When Where How to a third party when going out on water..

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            Re: What do you put in your toolbox??

            If your motor is electric start.
            Make a good starting rope for the box.


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              Re: What do you put in your toolbox??

              plyers ,cresent wrench,flathead and philips screwdriver combination,spare spark plugs ,beer!!! in case you got to wait a long time for a tow


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                Re: What do you put in your toolbox??

                I would say a spare sets of spark plugs & a plug wrench & screwdriver, maybe a spare propshaft cotter pin. Also a spare starter hand crank rope. Like has been said, not a lot you can do on the water. I like to start mine the night before I go just to make sure.

                However that motor does not use shear pins
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                  Re: What do you put in your toolbox??

                  As you said, most stuff that breaks requires parts but just keep basic tools, I have 2 vise grips, 2 small crecent wrenches, screw drivers, black tape a plug socket and fresh plugs, zip ties, stuff like that, it has saved me once or twice.
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                    Re: What do you put in your toolbox??

                    Down here in Florida the only thing I carry in my tool box is a Boat US or Seatow membership and of coarse a vhf radio and cell phone
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