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ignition switch wiring diagrams

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  • ignition switch wiring diagrams


    switch wiring: these have been supplied by many contributing members.
    thanks to all of them.

    the far right diagram is for jumping the starter solenoid, with RED harness unplugged.
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    Re: ignition switch wiring diagrams

    Im not sure what you mean by red harness plug. I have a 2001 Johnson 115hp outboard. It turns over great but does not start. when i got the motor the rectifier and power packs have been replaced. Before I put any more into this, I'd like to know if anyone has had this problem or what I should look for. I think it is a simple electrical problem. No spark at the plugs with a spark plug checker. next are the coils. they look worn. hoping the coils are what is causing this.
    The repairs done did not solve the problem. I have the key and
    lanyard. Yes, key is in ignition. haha. Any other thing that acts like the kill switch I should look for? What is the most common things I should check?
    I can figure stuff out, have a manual but still have no spark. Again, when i got the motor the power packs and relay were replaced. could the ignition switch be the problem? the black/yellow kill wire has another wire in the same plug to the power pack. i pulled it but, it did not spark again. i cannot disconnect just one of them since the plug has both wires in it. i just want to get spark to the plugs and i'm confident the engine will start. i have a manual but it is not clear what to do because it doesnt show locations of the components. just diagrams without pictures.

    i need to know how to trace from switch down the line or back from the starter i guess. i'm not real good at this stuff either. But someone helping me in locating the components (grounds,etc.) will help me.\
    thx ray


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      Re: ignition switch wiring diagrams

      This is way my '75 115 Johnnie works and the diagrams above are consistant with mine.

      The kill circuit takes primary voltage from the engine to the ignition switch. The igniton switch grounds the primary voltage to kill the engine. The primary voltage is not battery dependent, it is generated in the engine. The kill switch, too, grounds the primary power.

      Thus, any ground in the wiring between the engine and the switch will drain current and no secondary volt will be generated. Removing the ignition wiring from the power pack will allow the engine to start if there is a problem in this circuit. However, you will have to rig a temp ground wire to touch to the terminal to kill the engine or cut off the air or fuel. Or use and ohm meter to check for grounds.

      The kill switch circuit by passes the ignition switch wire to ground. Could be a problem here to if a errant ground exists.

      Again, on mine, the primary voltage to the ignition switch is something like 300 volts and will give you a smart tingle, I know. Thought I was hit with spark voltage. So, it is pretty easy for it to find a ground if the circuits are not well insulated or track past dirty/wet/loose teminals.


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        Re: ignition switch wiring diagrams

        Oh, the red terminal.

        Well mine is black but looks pretty much like Tashasdaddy's pictures. Mine is located just aft the of the starter and is bracketed to the powerhead.


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          Re: ignition switch wiring diagrams

          Is there one out there for the 3 plug and not the red plug?
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            Re: ignition switch wiring diagrams

            3 plug ???? Do you mean System Check wiring harness ??? If that's it you need a wiring diagram from 1996 and up.


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              Re: ignition switch wiring diagrams

              A 2001 does not have a red or black plug, it has grey "Deutsch" connectors. Disconnect the main connector on port side(has blk/yel wire in it) Remove spark plugs and install gap tester,jumper the hot(red) to the yel/red on soleniod on bottom of starter and see if it fires. If not, reinstall the main connector and remove the left connector on pack and retest. If it fires you have a wiring problem with shift intrupter or pinched/shorted blk/yel from pack to connector. If you still have no fire you have a problem with optical eye,power coil,stator or pack.,time to invest ina good ohmmeter!!!
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                Re: ignition switch wiring diagrams

                thanks for the info. i'll try this procedure out and let you know what happend.

                have a great one!



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                  Re: ignition switch wiring diagrams

                  Here is the wiring harness for the 1996 and later motors - the wire colors are the same as the earlier models with the round red engine connector


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                    Re: ignition switch wiring diagrams

                    thanks for the diagram. i'll try and match it up to the top of the motor and the switch. I am not sure what switch to order for the ignition on this thing. I assume a 5-position switch but there are 6 terminals on this switch. Ground is #6? Also i dont know really what i'm looking at just viewing this diagram but i'll give it a shot.



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                      Re: ignition switch wiring diagrams

                      Originally posted by rrb6699 View Post
                      I am not sure what switch to order for the ignition on this thing.
                      Why not pick up the correct switch by going through a dealer?


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                        Re: ignition switch wiring diagrams

                        do you have the diagram for the yellow plug i have a 1972 evinrude 65 hp.



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                          Re: ignition switch wiring diagrams

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                            Re: ignition switch wiring diagrams

                            Do you have an ignition switch wiring diagram for 71 johnson? Specifically 60ESL71c? Been putting something like what you have together, but its taking time.


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                              Re: ignition switch wiring diagrams

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