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1995 Johnson 4HP throttle cable

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  • 1995 Johnson 4HP throttle cable

    I have a 1995 johnson 4hp 2 stoke and I am trying to replace a broken thottle cable.

    I have ordered the OEm throttle kit and this kit came with some directions but the instructions were written for someone who has the service manual on this motor. ( which I do not have.)

    The included instructions start with "Remove the manual starter housing (done), Steering handle (done )
    Flywheel ( not done) ignition plate (not done) Throttle cable ( could be done quick if i cut it) and front lower motor cover 'As described in service manual'".

    The fly wheel is my first problem:
    I need to lock it down so that I can loosen the center nut. Is there a standard procedeure to do that?
    Should I mark the existing position so that the wheel is reinstalled in precise same position?

    The old cable is now loose but seems wedged under ther fuel lines in such a way that it can not be extracted whole. I can cut it and pull it out in 2 seconds. Should I ? Will the new throttle cable go through the same run?

    Thanks for any help,
    I want to get this running soon.
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    Re: 1995 Johnson 4HP throttle cable

    dont remove the fllywheel.
    just remove the motor lower cower.
    under the fllywheel is thiming plate and there is some kind of nylon plug,with whole to put threw the trotle cabel.
    to put the cable you dont have to remove the flywheel, you have good acces to this plug on thiming plate when you remove lower cover.


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      Re: 1995 Johnson 4HP throttle cable

      Thanks for your reply . If I can avoid taking the flywheel off, that would be a good thing. I had a go at the front lower motor cover. I removed the 2
      internal clips that attached the front cover to the back cover and then I removed the 2 lower external screws that attached the cover to the column frame. But this cover is still attached at the choke and the fuel lines.

      Do you have any ideas on how to separate the cover at these locations?

      I have ordered the Service manual on Ebay-- but it probably take a week or so?

      Thanks again for your help.


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        Re: 1995 Johnson 4HP throttle cable

        pull chocke knob out all the way, when is out, increse grip and pul more harder and it will loos the knob out.
        tilt engine upsaidown and in the bottom you will see 4 screws.unscrew this screws.
        and you have to take out clips holding two parts of cower from inside
        look at diagram:


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          Re: 1995 Johnson 4HP throttle cable

          here is hight diagram of your engine
          tilter arm
          you have this mounting trotle cable plug is under element no 17


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            I realize this is a crazy old thread, but does anyone have a picture of how the throttle cable connects to the throttle plate? I lost the little plastic snubber on mine and can't quite figure out how it connects under the hood. Thanks - Stang