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2000 150 Ficht Water Pressure Gauge hook-up point

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  • 2000 150 Ficht Water Pressure Gauge hook-up point

    Hi all!
    I need some help.
    I have a 2000 Evinrude 150HP Ficht Ram outboard (E150FPLSSM).
    I bought a Water pressure gauge kit (Evinrude).
    The problem is, that the instructions are not very good, in fact they are very general, regarding fitting point on the engine.
    It says I should hook it on port side on the block (close to spark plug). My engine in fact has a threaded hole there, but it's not drilled through all the way, it's a blind connection (pic.1).

    In my Operation and maintenance manual it says it should be hooked up at the top of starboard side, just behind the solenoid. But on my engine, there's no hole there, just a clear spot (pic.2).

    In an Operator's guide I got online (I'm not sure for what year it is for, but it says 100 thri 250 HP, type FPL,...) there's a picture, where it looks like it should be hooked on rear of the engine, just above the lower engine cover. I in fact have a plug screwed in there, just the picture is not the same as in the guide. (pic.3)

    Can someone confirm me, that the spot on pic.3 is the right place to hook it up? If not, where should I look?

    Thanx for the help!


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    Re: 2000 150 Ficht Water Pressure Gauge hook-up point

    Did you ever get this figured out?

    I have just started my project motor for the first time with water hooked up. At the point in your picture #3 I have water shooting out when the motor is running.

    My motor is a 2001 - 150 HP E150FPXSIF.

    It would make sense to me that this is for a water pressure sensor. In my case I don't have the motor attached to a boat and I don't know if the boat it was on before had a water pressure gauge.

    Pictures below:

    Can someone please confirm what this little fitting is for?

    2004 Four Winns 180 Freedom, 150 HP Evinrude Direct Injection
    1972 Chris Craft 31 Commander Sedan Bridge
    Various others at various times
    I've worked on and have access to pretty much all types of boats/motors.


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      Wow...7 year old thread with no answers. Rather then duplicate the smae thing, lets see if I can kcik start it to get some resolve.
      I too have the same issue. I am assuming its for a water gauage. If so, what pressure range gauge is best to use with these motors?