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dual outboard motors

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  • dual outboard motors

    does anybody have any info about having two outboard motors. I have a 85 16foot larson boat with a 60hp johnson outboard, well i picked up and identical outboard motor and i want to mount both on myboat, the original manual for the boat i have talks very little about the dual motors but it does seem like the boat can have them. so anyway any help would be great thanks

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    Re: dual outboard motors

    To me, having twins on the back of a 16 foot would look odd, but hey, go for it. I would sell both and upgrade to one big motor if it was me.


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      Re: dual outboard motors

      Does the manual for your boat tell you the max HP you can put on it ??
      2 X 60hp will be heavier than 1 X 120hp motor and will give lesser performance than a single 120hp.
      However if the manufacturer states in your manual that you can do it then go for it.
      I am assuming that both motors rotate the same way as well ???
      Have you considered the controls yet ??
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        Re: dual outboard motors

        I used to see a small Hydrodyne with twin two-cylinder 50 Johnsons on it. Ran pretty well as I recall. The biggest thing you will need to check will be the side to side engine clearance and the narrow profile of the 60 should work out ok. Also, when you mount the engines the the right and left of the boat centerline, that will affect the mounting position (height)on the transom. Most transoms are made for one engine- in the center. You may have to raise each so that they cut through the water at the right height. Unlikely that the 60 comes in a counter-rotation model, so you will have some big time torque steer to wrestle with unless you go with a hydraulic steering. An interesting project. Good luck.


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          Re: dual outboard motors

          It's do-able and a lot of fun...especially with the older iron. I run two late 50's OMC Big Twin 35 hp's on a 15-foot early 60's tinny runabout. Had to move the gas tank forward to balance the boat...shorter boats get stern heavy when running twins, batteries, fuel tanks etc. back there. It's fun, but more work. Plan to pull the twins next spring and put an 64 Evinrude V4 60 hp on there and compare performance. Should save me almost 30 pounds on the transom. Might try to find a boat almost the same length as yours with twins and see if you can wrangle a ride/drive...to see if you like it well enough to do it.


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              Re: dual outboard motors

              I way if you want to do it, DO IT.
              I think they look cool. And its something that not everyone has. As far as the worse fuel economy, who cares. Its COOL!!!!
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                Re: dual outboard motors

                Here's a picture of a Mirror Craft Ski n Troll 16 that I modified from the brochure picture. In the brochure it had a single 65 horse, but I thought that was boring. Since the boat is rated for 80 horses I decided to throw dual 40s on the back. After I did it I realized they were 25s, not 40s. The look would be very similar anyway.
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