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Do I have an optical ignition sensor? (225 misfire)

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  • Do I have an optical ignition sensor? (225 misfire)

    I have a 1997 225 horsepower "Ocean Runner" that has a misfire (every 10 seconds or so the engine will "jump" like it hit a log or the ignition stopped working for a second).

    So I'm trying to figure out what the problem is... we already replaced the power pack. I plan to replace the coils and spark plugs later today (I have a spare engine to take parts from).

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    Re: Do I have an optical ignition sensor? (225 misfire)

    Oh, I did look through allth e parts diagrams online and didn't see an "optical sensor" so I'm guessing I don't have one (but want to make sure).


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      Re: Do I have an optical ignition sensor? (225 misfire)

      If it does this while in gear only I would check that unit is going into foward gear fully. If it does it in neutral also, check you rectifier(unplug it and test) and stator readings.. and it does not have optical ignition.
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